Change of Billing

Today Medicare rebates do not cover the full cost of providing you with medical care. This is because the rate at which successive governments have indexed the Medicare Schedule fees has been substantially lower than increases in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) and average weekly earnings.

The reality is that Medicare rebates do not cover the cost of providing you with a safe and high-quality service. The fees charged by this practice have to cover all of our practice costs including employing receptionists and practice nurses, and meeting our operating expenses such as rent, medical equipment, electricity, computers and insurance. These costs have continued to increase each year even when Medicare fees have not changed.

The Government has frozen Medicare rebates for several years and have recently announced more changes that reduce the funding of general practice.

It is not possible for this practice to meet our running costs each year without increasing our fees. The Medicare rebate freeze means that this practice is no longer able to bulk bill all of our patients.

As of Monday the 19th of August, Corio Medical Centre, Bell Post Medical Centre, Plantation Rd Medical Centre will be changing to a Private Billing Clinic.


What does this mean?
This means that we are now a mixed billing practice.

We will still continue to Bulk Bill Pensioners, Children under 15 years old and Current Health Care Card Holders.

The main consultation items are the only items that will change to a private billing amount. Additional services such as minor surgery, management of fractures, and many chronic disease services will continue to be bulk-billed.


Private Fees:

Item Consult Time Fee Medicare Rebate Out of Pocket


Brief Consultation Item 3 $55 $17.50 $37.50
Standard Consultation Item 23 < 20 mins $75 $38.20 $36.80
Long Consultation Item 36 20-40 mins $110 $73.95 $36.05
Prolonged Consultation Item 44 > 40 mins $145 $108.85 $36.15