Bulk Billing is available to Health Care Card Holders, Pensioners and children 15 years of age and younger.

Please bring your Medicare card and any pension or Veterans Affairs cards with you to the clinic.

Some services, including WorkCover injuries and medical examinations for insurance and employment, are not able to be legally bulk billed. For services not covered by Medicare, you will be responsible for payment at time of consultation by cash or credit card. For WorkCover injuries, if your claim is not accepted or if your employer does not settle the account, it will be billed through Medicare.


Item ConsultTimeFeeMedicare RebateOut of Pocket Expense
Brief Consultation Item 3 $55$17.50$37.50
Standard Consultation Item 23< 20 mins$75$38.20$36.80
Long Consultation Item 3620-40 mins$110$73.95$36.05
Prolonged Consultation Item 44> 40 mins$145$108.85$36.15